If you stop using your golf cart in the winter, there are a few things you need to do before putting it away. If your cart is electric, you should charge the batteries, top off the water, and if possible, turn off the controller. On E-Z-GO electric carts, there may be a switch on the controller cover that says "Run Tow" Turn that switch to Tow. Doing that, powers down the controller completely, reducing current drain during storage. If your cart does not have a similar switch, it is probably a "series" cart and there is no power drain when the key is off. Also, it is very important not to store the charger outdoors with the cart. Many times we see chargers stored under the seat getting damaged from the moisture that finds it's way under the seat. During storage, I recommend that you charge the batteries about once a month during storage. Lead Acid batteries need to be kept charged for longest life. A charged battery also is less likely to be damaged by freezing temperatures. If your cart is gasoline powered, you should add a stabilizer to the fuel tank. Modern motorcar fuels do not have a long shelf life. Adding a fuel stabilizer like Stabil or Napa Fuel stabilizer will keep the gasoline from breaking down and causing you problems in your carburetor. The battery in the gas powered golf cart also need to be charged before storage. There should be no drain on the battery when the key is turned off, but to be extra safe, you can disconnect the battery during storage. If you follow these simple procedures, your golf cart will be healthy and happy when you break it out in the spring.
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