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Solving shipping and priceing Issues keeping you from completing your order.

Every week we see carts that have been filled and not checked out. We also see orders that have been completed all the way up to where you pull the trigger and place the order. The common tread we see is the order is small and the minimum shipping weight is 1 lb., causing the shipping to be more than the parts. There is not really a solution for small internet stores, because shipping is usually a fixed cost and we don't always have the ability to offer cheaper shipping options like USPS. In our case, we drop ship many of our orders from manufacturer and distributor warehouses around the country. For some reason large warehouses will not utilize the post office as a shipping option. We are offering some promo codes to help with shipping costs. Check the homepage for promo codes before you complete your order. Another way you can save is to get all the customer information entered before you quit. When I see a cart with items left in it or an order in progress that has contact information in it, I reach out. I will usually email you a promo code or some other consideration to see if I can get you to go forward with the order. I have seem many big internet companies do that and it really makes sense. Also, don't be afraid to reach out to us. If shipping or price is keeping you from completing your purchase, just email me and I will usually make it work for you. We have shipping discounts available as well as our price matching policy. If you see any like item elsewhere on the internet for less, I will match it as long as it is the same item from the same manufacturer. We are an E-Z-GO parts and accessory dealer, and we have access to just about every aftermarket golf cart part that anyone else is offering. So if you finish up your contact info before quitting, and or give me a call or an email, we can make work for you every time! Tom Tomlinson, President
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Misel 02/10/18 09:39:23 AM

wholesaler stockrooms around the nation. For reasons unknown huge distribution centers won't use the mail station as a transportation choice. We are putting forth some promo codes to help with delivery costs. Check the landing page for promo codes before you finish your request. Another way you can spare is to get all the client data entered before you quit. When I see a truck with things left in it or a request in advance that has contact data.

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